Work on Watt's Walk

The first stage in restoring Watt’s Walk was to dig out the stone common grave markers and reorder then. We then filled in the gully, levelled the path and laid a recycled crushed concrete path surface. We are currently reinstating the common grave markers along the edges.

The common (paupers) graves in Abney are notoriously unstable and have in many cases collapsed leaving large dips in the ground. Often this causes the small gravestones to become buried and if they are not dug out, they can disappear forever.

Common graves used to relegated to the boundary walls, but since the early 1900s have been dotted throughout the cemetery. By the 1940s, as space became more limited, they were often placed path side. These gravestones are positioned near the common grave rather than directly on top of the person to whom they refer.

The Abney Unearthed project will create a map of the headstones, and also add headstone information to the new database. This will help the Trust with their grave searches.

In April we also reinstated common graves on Yew Walk by the same methods, and will continue to restore and improve others when possible.


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